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What are the ways to use SMS?


Disclose promotions, offers and special conditions. Attract traffic from people relevant to retail, services and e-commerces, with a high probability of conversion.


Send slips, payment reminders and reduce delinquency. Carrying out activities related to collection is much more efficient via SMS, reducing costs and increasing the results of your actions.


Keep your customer updated with your news. Share news, content and information about your business, increasing customer engagement with your brand.


Communicate appointments and send reminders via SMS. Reduce missed appointments and delivery cost for absent customers. SMS is the best way to remind your customer.


Conduct market, weather and NPS research with low investment. Increase the engagement of your respondents by making it much easier to respond to surveys of all types and have more reliable data.


Send targeted notifications to customers. Increase your satisfaction rating by sending information about debts, consumption of deductibles and other important notifications.


Remind customers and partners of important activities, keeping them engaged in your activities and meetings, by sending SMS reminders.


Having updated registration data is essential. Get more accuracy in your marketing and billing efforts by updating customer data via text messages.

SMS and Verified SMS Sends

Notify your customers directly by mobile:

SMS and Trusted SMS are the most practical and economical ways on the market to notify your customers of items related to your business.


No traffic jams along the extra mile

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What is SMS?

SMS (Short Message Service), also popularly known as torpedo, is the solution most used by companies to communicate with customers.

With immediate delivery, lower cost than most media and an open rate of up to 98% (Daniel Rowles, Mobile Marketing) it is possible to reach 100% of mobile users with text messages of up to 160 characters .

Therefore, the format continues to grow, even with the popularity of other message channels, becoming increasingly strategic in the automation of communications for small, medium and large companies.

Send SMS to thousands of contacts as easily as you do from your cell phone!

How does SMS Sending work?

create a message

Write a message of up to 160 characters that engages the consumer in your objective.

send and be read

SMS messages are opened by 98% of users and 90% are read within 3 minutes.

Trusted SMS

Customize your SMS sending with Add-ons

Use Trusted SMS to deliver even more security to users against fraud, spam and phishing practices. With this solution, it is possible to insert the company's name and logo in the SMS messages, delivering even more reliability and allowing consumers to know exactly the origin of the communications. Increase message open rate and improve consumer engagement with the brand.

More SMS forms

Flash SMS

Grab your audience's attention with an SMS that opens automatically and guarantees 100% readability. Flash SMS is configured to open on the mobile screen as if it were a pop-up. It's a great resource for sending important messages like PINs, Tokens and urgent communications. To close Flash SMS, the user needs to interact with the text, guaranteeing a 100% open rate. The service is compatible with all devices, from the simplest cell phones to modern smartphones.

Sender ID

Use the Sender ID so that the user quickly identifies your company's brand when receiving the message. Sending SMS using Sender ID is a way to quickly identify your brand as a sender, allowing your customers who receive the SMS to know exactly its origin. The service adds credibility to your messages. Unlike LA Dedicated, Sender ID has the option to include letters.

LA Dedicated

Use an exclusive number and guarantee more security for your customers using an official approved trigger. LA Dedicated is a unique number for your company (eg: 29000) for messages sent on all operators. In this way, by contracting this additional service, more security and credibility is passed on to the receiver of the message.

Reply to Sent Messages (MO)

Allow your customers to interact with your business through messages originating from a mobile device. Ensure a better user experience by enabling your customer base to interact with your business through text messages that originate from a cell phone or smartphone. Conduct NPS surveys, marketing campaigns and more!

Long Message (Concatenated)

Send concatenated messages with up to 1520 characters and be sure to transmit even one piece of information. Use this functionality to send messages with up to 1520 characters, exceeding the standard limit of the modality practiced.

Special Characters

Provide a better user experience by using accented words and special characters. Improve the quality of your communications and offer an optimized SMS reading experience to your customers through accented messages.

SMS Verified

Transform the SMS sender into a reliable experience: display your verified brand on your user's screen instead of the short code (that number of up to 5 digits characteristic of corporate SMS). Increase your brand awareness and earn the trust of your users.

International SMS

Bring your customers located outside the national territory closer by sending international messages.

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