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Cheat Facebook Game Slotomania |WORK|

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cheat facebook game slotomania

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slotomania free coins are a great way for beginners to get started in the game however many players wonder how to get free coins in slotomania you might be wondering why we have a generator in the first place

well slotomania is a fun online game that allows you to play and win prizes and real money unfortunately these two things can only be acquired by spending money that s why we created a free coins generator keep reading to find out which steps you have to take to get free coins

The real trick to winning at slotomania is not to play, EVER. The main function of this game is to suck you in and to get you addicted to the games as soon as they can with stunning graphics and extremely challenging quests. They make you believe you can beat these quests and they DO encourage you to bet higher amounts for a chance to win huge jackpots that believe me will never happen. You will eventually make it to higher levels but there is no way you can move forward from there betting low. Put it this way when i started playing i thought winning 1billion coins was huge, 2 weeks later my average bet per spin was 1 billion. Some times betting up to 10 billion per spin. They let you experience a couple big jackpots, they let you get use to betting large amounts then they take all your coins. By this time your so addicted there is no amount of money you wont spend. Remember this is real life money your spending, on a game that will NEVER EVER pay out. I started out by buying the 3 dollar coin package maybe once or twice a week. By the end of it i was spending over 500 dollars a week. Believe me this is easy to do when they offer 100 dollar coin packages. Sometimes even more than that. The next thing i knew i was in a unstoppable night mare. I couldn't stop playing. I couldn't stop spending. By the time i was done i had lost over 7000 dollars to these f*****g people. I even contacted Playtika several times about this scam they are running. I was given 1 billion coins and encouraged to be patient because my big pay day was right around the corner.My only hope is that my words will stop another person from making the same mistake that i did. Everything i have said is true and did happen to me. Please don't let this happen to you.

Okay so I'm a big time or was a big time Slotomania fan for years since about 2012. I have played this game religiously since I've been recuperating from an accident at work I've had plenty of time to play I'm sorry to say that I have spent so much money on this game because I wanted the extra coins to play bigger bets well I've realized that this game is nothing but a scam I have caught it multiple times in the game Fill the Till as soon as a big jackpot or multiple at times is about to hit the game literally goes to another screen then when you return the win isn't there. I literally completed the same Super dash which is a daily task list that you complete through the day well I completed it 5 times within 2 minutes lol just tonight. That's impossible for a couple reasons which one is you wouldn't complete ZZZ 5 super dashes of the same task more than one time, secondly superdash is more time consuming that it just couldn't and wouldn't happen. These platika people are so greedy that they have taken the fun out of the same game they invented. I have multiple accounts all level 30,000 or above, all Diamond Status and I still don't have my VIP Host bc slotomania decided to put a freeze on my account after I won't 6 quadrillion coins only to unlock it 18 months later with 14 trillion coins. Now where did my coins go?! They are liars, cheaters, and scum. This website/ app needs to be shut down PERIOD. The BBB won't accredit them bc theist of complaints are so many miles long that it's pathetic. Now you will have a couple complaints about just about e every thing in life but not as many as has. Save yourself some trouble and stay away from these crooks. I am about to seek legal counsel to see what I have to do to get some of the thousands of dollars back that I've been cheated out of.

Whenever it new to online gameplay and get 2000 of free slotomania coins, players do not really need the most up-to-date system or titles to have a good time. In reality, every internet in either smartphone, desktop, or ipad may access large number of games available. To locate several of the top online free elegance video games.


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