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How to Hack in COH2: A Complete Guide for Beginners and Experts

the company of heroes 2: the western front armies add-ons add a few more features to the game. play the single-player campaign of one of the two new factions added to the game: the oberkommando west (okw) or the us forces (usf). play as the historic command from the western front in 15 scenarios and win the war against the axis. unlock units for your army and develop them through a unique tech-tree system. take your army into battle by playing out individual skirmishes, or build your strategy through the use of ai-controlled squads. the most important part of these add-ons is that you are able to purchase the expansions of the western front and use the unique technologies and new units for the other campaign, the ardennes assault, without having to start a new campaign.

company of heroes 2 hack

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the company of heroes 2: battle of the bulge campaign pack unlocks the second part of the single-player campaign featuring the us forces (usf) on the ardennes battlefield. play through the five missions of the campaign that includes new units, factions, features and gameplay mechanics. this add-on comes with its own achievements and unlocks the complete allied campaign of the ardennes assault. a new faction, the oberkommando west (okw) is also added to the game.

the company of heroes 2: battle of the bulge multiplayer expansion is the first expansion pack for the company of heroes 2. experience an open-ended game where players can choose from an assortment of iconic allied and axis units and play an array of cooperative or competitive missions in a variety of scenarios. play with friends or take part in a new suite of online features including the new blitz mode and a pve game mode for solo players.


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